Construction Defect Injuries

Construction Defect Injuries

We Know What to Look For

If a building owner is in violation of a city building code, and the code violation is the cause of your injury, the business or entity is automatically liable for your injuries. Under California law, a building code violation which causes an injury is considered negligence per se. The burden is then on the building owner to prove that the property is code-compliant or that the injury and the violation are not connected. Your attorney's role is to identify possible code violations, have them verified, and research past violations or similar injury claims against the property.

However, the average person, and even many personal injury attorneys, may not realize the hazard created by a building code violation and thus conclude there is no basis for a claim. The law offices of Chet R. Bhavsar has been successful in construction defect injury claims. We know what to look for to prove that the property was improperly build or that maintenance and repairs were not up to code.

We have collected damages on behalf of patrons of malls and retail stores, renters injured at rental properties and other individuals injured because of negligent construction or failure of the business or landlord to correct known defects, which include:

  • Staircase with treads that were too high, uneven, or not built in compliance with the applicable building code
  • Handrails that were missing, set too high or low, or not built in compliance with the applicable building code
  • Inadequate lighting or emergency lights in stairwells
  • Handicap ramps not built in conformity with the Americans with Disabilities Act or
    compliance with the applicable building code

Full Compensation For Your Losses

If you suspect a construction defect caused or contributed to your serious injury, contact us today at (866) 976-1299  for a free case evaluation. Serving clients throughout Los Angeles and the greater Southern California area, we have a strong record of settlements and verdicts in premises liability, an area of the law that many personal injury lawyers avoid.


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