Hotel / Resort Claims

Injured on Vacation in The Los Angeles Area?

Many people who are injured at an amusement park, hotel or recreation facility do so while on vacation in the Southern California area. Even if you have already returned home, if required to file suit, the case will likely have to be filed in California. The best course of action is to seek medical treatment in California as soon as possible after the accident, and to seek local counsel from an attorney who knows your specific rights under the laws of this state.

Our office has successfully handled claims against amusement parks, major hotel chains and other entities in the hospitality, amusement and recreation industries. We are skilled at demonstrating the negligence and overcoming the barriers to your full compensation. We have successfully handled cases which involve:

  • Slip and fall/trip and fall injuries
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Hotel elevator/escalator injuries
  • Swimming pool and water park injuries
  • Amusement park injuries
  • Golf resort and golf cart injuries
  • Accidents at malls, movie theaters, wineries or other attractions

The law offices of Chet R. Bhavsar has demonstrated success in premises liability lawsuits against hotels, resorts, golf courses, amusement parks and other attractions, representing both California residents and out-of-state tourists. Contact us at (866) 976-1299 for a free case evaluation and aggressive representation.


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