Trucking Accidents

Up to The Challenges of a Truck Accident Case

los angeles trucking accidentsTrucking accidents are totally different from standard automobile accidents, since there are State and Federal regulations that govern the operators and vehicle owners. The severe injuries or death you may sustain also raise the stakes because of the amount of potential compensation. There are also complex issues in the investigation and insurance coverage, and you cannot afford to sell your claim short.

Through our experience and the employment of top trucking experts and accident reconstructionist, we can establish liability against the truck driver, even in cases where liability is against you. The following areas of investigation are critical to most cases:

  • Determination of who owns the truck, trailer and chassis
  • Investigating the truck driverís driving record
  • Analyzing the maintenance history of the truck
  • Analyzing the truck companyís accident rate
  • Determining whether the truck driver was properly trained
  • Obtaining the safety record of the truck company
  • Obtaining mobile phone records of the truck driver at the time of the

Establishing the drivers negligence is only half the battle. Trucking accidents  often center on the amount of damages rather than fault. We work hard to maximize compensation for head injury, spinal cord damage, broken or crushed limbs and other catastrophic injuries so common in trucking accidents, and to provide for survivors in a wrongful death matters. In addition to the severe injuries, a truck accident often means large medical bills and massive property damage to your car. We are there to help with the aftermath.

We have successfully secured sizeable verdicts and settlements, in truck accidents across greater Los Angeles. Put your trust in caring, accomplished attorneys with a record of success in these complicated cases. Call us at (866) 976-1299 for a free consultation, either in the office or at home. We will immediately begin our investigation of the accident, which may ultimately be critical to proving and winning your case.


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